How to Buy Glasses Online?

Buying glasses online at is an easy, hassle-free experience, and the benefits are huge. When you buy glasses online, you can choose from thousands of styles, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on high-quality glasses and sunglasses and you’ll get them right at your doorstep. It’s very common for first-time customers to ask themselves ‘How do I buy glasses online?’. This article will give you the big picture of how your initial journey will be. Follow these few simple steps and you’ll become an expert shopper the first time around:


1. Choose Your Frames
The first step to take when you order glasses online is choosing the frame. If you already know which frame you’re going to get, simply visit and type the frame name in the search bar. But what if you’re feeling like window shopping for your next pair? If you have an open mind and want to indulge in going over our variety of frames, it’s worth considering the following:


  • Shape: Whether its rectangular, aviator, round or cat-eye, choose something to compliment your style and features.
  • Size: Unless you’re going for oversized frames or something super snug for fashion reasons, it’s always recommended to choose a frame that will fit you well. If you have an old, comfortable pair, look at the measurements on the temple arm as guidelines.
  • Tip: How to buy glasses online that fit? If you’re not sure what works for you, use the Virtual Mirror to try on frames until you find the perfect one. Our Virtual Mirror will ask you to upload your picture so we can show you online how any frame you choose will look on your face.
  • Color: This comes down to your personal taste. Most frames have several color options, so you’re never “stuck” with just one choice.
  • Brands & Trends: Whatever your budget is, buying Ray-Ban glasses online always costs less at than at a brick-and-mortar store. We cut out the middle-man to offer you a huge variety of designer brands at prices you’ll love. The same goes for other designer brands like Oakley, Persol or the latest Muse x Hilary Duff collection. If designer names are what you’re looking for, we’re definitely the place for you.
As for eyewear trends, they come & go with the seasons, but you can always check out what’s trending right now so your look is always up to date with the current fashion fad.

2. Choose Your Lens Type
If the frame choice has a lot to do with stylish preferences, lenses are the more functional aspect of your new glasses. In short, what do you need them for?
    • Prescription or Non-Prescription:
The choice here is pretty simple, whether you’re shopping for eyeglasses or sunglasses you have to choose: buying prescription glasses online or getting non-prescription (also called plano).
    • Prescription type:
What do you need your glasses for? Reading (Near-Vision lenses), driving (Single-Vision lenses) or both (Progressives or Bifocals). Before moving on, you’ll provide your prescription, either by filling it out online, uploading it or sending it later via email.
    • Coating & Customization:
Here functionality and purpose come into play. For eyeglasses, you can add protective coatings like anti-scratch, UV protection or Digital Block for long hours in front of digital devices. Digital Block glasses, for example, are also recommended for use 1.5 hours before going to sleep to help your eyes relax before night-time. Sunglasses have additional options such as mirrored and polarized lenses for enhanced vision and an extra layer of cool

3. Complete Your Order
After deciding on lenses, the only thing remaining is completing your order and voilà, you’re done. Your new glasses will arrive at your doorstep in no time. We also notify you about your order every step of the way via email: You’ll know when your glasses are in production, when they are shipped, etc. We hope this guide answers all your questions on how to order glasses online, there’s a first time for everything! And rest assured that all your orders at include free shipping & returns plus a 100% money back guarantee, making buying glasses online with us completely Risk-Free.