How to Adjust Your Frames?

The glasses you ordered online just arrived. You open the box, put them on and… they’re not sitting on your face as perfectly as you imagined. No need to worry! With our useful tips on how to adjust glasses at home, they’ll be sitting nice and snug on your face in no time!

How Can I Adjust My Glasses At Home?

It might feel weird at first to wear progressives. Still, you should stick to them for all your glasses-needy occasions until you get the hang of it. The more you wear them, the easier the transition will be.

Here are the most useful tried and true tips on how to fix your glasses, whether it’s a pair of smart readers or stylish sunglasses. Remember - minor adjustments usually go a long way.

The first thing to do when your new glasses arrive? Put them on and go look in the mirror. If they look and feel good, you’re all set. If not, it’s adjusting time!

Tip #1: How to Straighten My Glasses

If your glasses are straight when you place on the table, but crooked when you wear them: Straighten your glasses by adjusting the temple arms. Take either side and gently raise or lower it.

If your glasses are crooked when placing them on the table:To straighten your glasses, gently bend the temple arm in the opposite direction.

Tip #2: How to Adjust the Width of Plastic Frames

To fix this glasses issue, heat up the bridge piece (for example: use a hairdryer) for about 15 seconds, and then adjust slowly.

Don’t heat them for too long or you’ll end up damaging any special coating you might have on your lenses. Let the glasses cool off before putting them on.

Tip #3: How to Adjust the Width of Metal Frames

To fix metal frame glasses, don’t use heat. Simply bend gently, and check after each adjustment how the glasses look and feel.

Tip #4: How to Fix Glasses with Adjustable Nose Pads

If the glasses are sitting too high: Widen the nose pads gently. If the glasses are sitting too low: Narrow them gently.

Whatever the case is, make sure the pads are even on both sides.

Tip #5: How to Stop Glasses from Slipping down My Nose

Simply take the stem tip and bend it inwards so that the temple arms hug your head.

Follow these tips whenever you run into a minor fitting snag and you’ll most likely solve it by yourself. Remember, make small adjustments from time to time. It will keep your glasses fitting perfectly and looking great.

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